Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 6: Day 41

So, I guess this has been a huge frustration for me. Feeding the baby... Well, it's more the whole "percentage ranking" chart... can we just do away with that as long as the baby is healthy?

Some may consider this gross. What I have to say to them... "Get over it, you drank it, your mom and dad most likely drank it. It's a part of life. If you have a problem with it, look the other way. We were all born lovers of the boob."


  1. haha - that is so not gross :) I like that pic. Looks like my fridge/freezer :)

  2. Cool! that it looks like your feezer! I love the quick freeze compartment too. It is just perfect! I don't think it is gross either, but it is surprising some peoples mindset! :)


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