Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 4: Day 23

One of my favorite joys of motherhood is the ability to admire my son's little fingers, toes , hands and feet. Luckily, he was sleeping on me after feeding this afternoon and I was able to move him just a little without disturbing his sleep! That makes me so excited, and I had my camera right by us. Sure it took a few shots of getting him without a blur, And a little play to figure out what I wanted. 

38 shots total. Before moving his little body: 22, After moving his little body: 16. 4 of the 16 included profile too, but it just didn't turn out the way I liked it (I can't change to focus on the hand). So 12 of the hand, attempting to not get a blur because I didn't want to use the flash...

My first few tries of hand shots was of him right after nursing, and one turned out really cute, but I wanted it from a different angle. For the life of me I could not duplicate it, the lighting was off and I couldn't see what I was shooting (being tied down by a sleeping boy). So I had the idea to move him, and try his hand against my sweatpants (that's right, 2 pm and I am still in pajamas). I am so excited that I managed to get this without a blur! Well, at least not a really bad blur!  I love it and am glad I tried for it! :)

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