Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 4: Day 26

Well, it was a Friday which meant dinner (yum) and a movie at a friend of the family's house. We watched Tangled. Super cute movie and a Disney movie I think I might own (I will be honest, I prefer dreamworks). Anywho... I again forgot to plan this one out. I have an excuse though, I was working on getting Nikolai's room fixed up and pictures taken for the Room Transformation post on my life blog. It was a post I had spent months working on, so I needed to get it finished.

After I put Nikolai to bed, I thought "shoot, I need to take my pic of the day". Then it occured to me, why not include the only types of reading I have done since Nikolai was born? Kids books and childcare type books have pretty much been the reading list lately. Though I have managed to fit in some time of "The Lovely Bones" a book I started before Nikolai was born. I took 3 shots of these books. I was thinking maybe I should have tried more angles, but it was late and I need to go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.

The books are taken on my old duvet cover that I got from my grandmother shortly after I graduated High School. We have been using it as tummy time because it protects little man's head from bonking too hard on the saltillo tile when he rolls over.

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