Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 6: Day 39

Well, with a topic of anger... It is hard to find something to fit that. Anger is not something that occurs frequently in a house with a really cute little baby! Sure maybe frustration over little things, but not outright anger.

Brandon has been working on his Bronco and his latest venture with that is lifting the body off the frame so he can sandblast and paint the frame. This was a long, frustrating, and a little bit scary adventure. Lucky for Brandon, Alan came over to help. It is now supported on two long 4x4's, 2 drums and 2 saw horses, shimmied up to the height needed to clear the tires. Yeah, it is a little bit redneck but Brandon's working on it. It will be nice once it is finished. :)

As much as I don't want to include this picture, there was not much that went on today that I was able to use for this theme...


  1. Haha - you are a good wife - that that picture doesn't fit into your topic of anger is good! I used to HATE when Nick worked on his clunker car. That car was nothing but a paper weight and definitely a cause for anger to me :)

  2. Hahah! Brandon has the paperweight cars, but he doesn't work on them. This one, mmm, I can appreciate the effort he puts into it and sometimes I would rather him just shower and take Nikolai off my hands.... But, I will get to drive it when he is done and it will be standard transmission and high up, and SUV like! I can't wait to drive it around! Plus, it is a pretty color! :)


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