Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 3: Day 21

I was sorely running out of quick ideas for this topic. I wanted a picture of Nikolai looking into the fish tanks, but spaced it when I had the opportunity. That has been me lately, a space cadet with a 4 month old. It is a wonder anything gets done and taken care of, and that bills get paid!

Anyway, my glass of 7-up was on the TV stand and I decided to see if I could take pictures of the bubbles. Without a flash, forget it, it was just blurry lines. With the flash, it was a bright light with some bubbly lines and the lines of the glass. Brandon suggested to put the baby monitor of Nikolai sleeping behind the glass and see how that turned out. So we did and took about 3 pictures, and the first one turned out the coolest. Distorted in all it's glory, but peaked with Nikolai's little head.

Since this isn't really a reflection and I still have the 22nd day to do, I am switching these two. This upcoming week's topic: mother...

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