Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 5: Day 30

I don't know what was wrong with me today. I could not keep my hand steady and the regular flash was just too much! So I kept ending up with a huge blur. I had to unload my memory card 3 different times before I got a decent picture. Then it wasn't my shaking but the lighting because the sun had gone down. The original count was 48 (after several deletions before counting) then I managed to minimize that number to 38.

Then I thought I had dust on my lens, there were specks on everything and on every picture. But it turned out it wasn't in the same spot every shot (that took some time and pictures to figure out), just the marks on the wall. My subject, Brandon's guitar, collects dust very easily. I had Brandon dust it off the second round of pictures (it just looked bad the first round) and it still had dust on it!

So my final picture was the first photo, round 3. It was one of the few without my feet in it, and the angle is up above the guitar looking down. I colored it in sepia, I think it looks cool and so does Brandon. The dust and markings on the wall, I think, make it look a little oldish... Anyway, here it is...

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