Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 2: Looking Back

I have managed to limit the number of photos I take on a subject. Though only a little bit. I have worked on deleting the ones that I know for sure I will not use to help limit the number. Perhaps I should go back and just delete all the ones that I have not posted? I don't know.

This week was a tiring week. I don't think I put forth as much effort as I wanted to because of that. I am still tired. Maybe it is because I don't have creamer and my body is so used to having caffeine first thing in the morning... I don't know.

I hope that this week I can put forth the effort I want to, so I can get better pictures. I need to remember, Ten different viewpoints, One picture. I don't want tons, and even if deleting I still don't want to have to delete a whole bunch. My LCD screen doesn't show the pictures very well so I can't delete after taking them (there was a few I was going to delete and decided not to. I was glad I did that because they were the best ones!).

This upcoming week: reflections. I have some ideas already. Hopefully I get to take them and they work out... I may still try to go for the "Nikolai in a Pot" though too...

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