Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 1: Reflection

I went back over the files for the pictures of this week and I took 56 pictures! Forget a picture a day! I took well over that! I know some of the times were to adjust the settings on the camera. Auto is not always the best settings. But also it gets really blurry to, so I try to redo without the blur. But some of them seemed to be the same set up, just several different times. Except for 3 out of the 7 days (bookcase, cardboard bales, and the lake). Then I only took a couple of photos and they turned out pretty good.

For day seven I took 16 photos! That is ridiculous for a picture of chicken pieces! I think I will have to limit myself. Yes, I am trying to improve my photography so a little of play room is needed once I get more familiar with the settings. I think I should be able to figure it out in 3 if I play with it. That should give enough play room for monitor and adjusting. But then in the article 3 Workouts To Improve Your Photography it says to take 10 shots of the same subject, but to take it from 10 different angles/positions. But it seems 13 pictures is way too many! It makes it difficult because the screen is hard to see the pictures on, the lighting just works funny.

So, I think I need to limit myself. No more than 5 - 8 pictures of something, and I cannot take more than one picture from the same vantage point. That is going to be difficult! I need to spend my time looking through the viewfinder before snapping that button. At least with objects I don't have to worry about time and irritation with people by taking my time. I think that will be my goal this week is trying to get the shot in one click rather than several. I can do it! I will post the number of shots I took too, to keep myslef honest...

This upcoming week's theme: growth...


  1. Yeah - 16 pics is a lot for chicken. But I don't think you need to limit what you take - limit what you save. I used to save every picture, even awful blurry ones that I knew I'd never use. But I think if you can learn to delete (so hard!) You can snap away! :)

  2. That is going to be hard! Since I am a pack rat even with hard copies! Ah! I have already deleted a few that I am not going to use. Especially with pics of Nikolai, it is so hard!!


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