Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 2: Day 11

Ok, With the growth theme, I took a picture of my tank. Yes, that is right... my fish tank. It has growth. It is gross. Algae is nasty, stinky, smelly and you cannot see into the tank well. There is reason for this! My sucker fish died. It is sad because I had the pleco for 4 years and then he was just dead. Well, I do not have the time I used to in order to maintain the tank cleanliness and without a sucker fish, it just gets dirtier so much faster!

I don't have the energy to put forth for this today. We had a late night Wednesday because we went to my grandmother's house (on my mom's side) to celebrate Easter and then had to clean the house a little bit because I worked today and will work tomorrow. I am exhausted. A room full of chatty 2nd graders when you are already tired is not good. It just tires you out way more.

Total # of pictures taken: 6. The one that I used was the 2nd one. The reflection kinda irritated me, but after looking at it a little longer it is different. I think it presents this kind of ominous foreboding

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