Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 14: Summer - Day 92

Wow, yeah is it summer time in Tucson! "summer time and the livin's easy"...

I was going to take a picture of the pool from next door. We spent some time there yesterday in their air conditioned house. But, I was watching our niece and nephew for a few hours. It was cooler there, a/c is much better than a swamp cooler, especially when monsoons are here. You can feel the thickness. But, they are 6 and almost 3 years. No time to take a picture...

Then I thought, oh a monsoon storm would be so cool to capture, that is a surefire sign of summer in Tucson! Besides, we love the rain here! Well, we got home (Brandon, Nikolai and I) and I started getting carried away with dishes and preparing for dinner (I had to go to the store).

So instead, I took a picture of our thermostat. What you see is right, we moved the temp way down to 50! But with a swamp cooler, you cannot control the temp; you get what you get. We just leave it on in hopes it will get down to 70, especially when the rains come!

I thought negative made this much more interesting...

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