Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 14: Day 97 & 98

Day 97

We (Victoria, Jena, Nikolai and I) went swimming while Brandon and the boys played airsoft. Once Victoria and Jena got out of the pool, we continued splashing causing me to get a bug bite from this flying ant looking thing (OUCH!). So, I figured to get a picture of ants. Now these aren't the type that bit me, no they are black and much smaller. But ants rain down on any picnic, and picnics are fun during the summer!

I think this turned out pretty cool... I partially covered the flash to prevent a bright, over exposed rock. And I used macro. I just think Macro makes my camera take better photos! But, I must have gotten the distance just right to create the blur of the rock in the background!

Day 98

How can you capture a singing cricket? what image comes to your mind when you think of a singing cricket?

Here is the image that I think of when I imagine that. They sing at night, when cartoons play the noise, the screen is blank. Plus I cannot find the darn thing that sings at night here!

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