Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Months Done

I cannot believe I have been working on this project for 3 months already! 12 weeks of picture taking (that is after subtracting the week where I was sick). 

I look back on my pictures and I started this project off real strong. These last few weeks have been whatever I had available out of my shots for the day. But, when I look at the pictures I have taken of my son, I can see a change in my photography skills. I find I am trashing less pictures than before I started this project. And I guess that is my ultimate goal.

I had a discussion this weekend with my husband about photography. One of my dreams/goals, or whatever you want to call it, was to get a degree, a bachelor's of art in photography. I wanted to have my own business. Then I though, one way to make that more practical would be to take the AEPA in art and use it to teach a class in photography (like yearbook or a newspaper class), or to have an after school photography club.  All I need is 30 credit hours and a passing score on the AEPA Art Exam! All the photography classes at Pima Community College total 35 credit hours!

When I was younger, I saw this glass top desk at Office Depot and imagined my own studio with that corner desk as the front desk and my photo studio in a room behind it. The walls had images of my photo shoots, my portfolio. But this was my imagination, and I never realized this dream.

I think this is part of my discouragement from continuing this project.  I feel it will never progress further than amateur photography for pleasure rather than professional. Why would I bother trying to become a professional photographer when: 1) I don't have the means to acquire professional tools 2) I know so many other people that do it as a side business and 3) I am not outgoing enough to build up my own clientele. As Brandon had told me, it is not a practical profession...

I don't mean to be a downer, really I don't. But it is hard to have had this interest for as long as I could remember and not have gone anywhere with it. So many times I could have pursued this dream and did not. I could have purchased a DSLR so long ago, that by now I may have had a business or something going on.  I am kicking myself in the rear for not having done anything about it and now when I bring it up, I am discouraged.

Who knows how things will change in the next 9 months. But until the end, I am continuing this project. This week is week 13 and the theme is Family. So I am just trying to get ideas on how to do this theme and hoping that the photos come out with my satisfaction...

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