Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 13: Family - Day 85

Nikolai went to bed early. 8 pm is early for him. Brandon cooked me dinner of a yummy pasta, garlic bread, a tiny bit of a red wine, and candlelight. It was wonderful!

Now I did not want to spoil the moment and try to take a picture, although I did think a picture of the candlelight, us holding hands, and our wedding rings would make a great photo for the theme of 'Family'.  I should have tried, but I don't think Brandon would have appreciated it because the food was done while I was putting Nikolai to bed and in need of microwaving by the time I was out of little man's room. 

So instead I took a picture of the candles and the simmer pot I have as a center piece on our table. I like this one. if you look closely at the oil in the bowl, you can make out the swirls. After deleting the blurry ones and the ones that are a messed up (just blue, not even a picture... I hope my camera will survive the year!), I had 10 left over. 3 I chose to fix up. I even used the bloom feature in PhotoScape...


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