Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am still here...

After our trip to California, my camera has been doing some funky things. When reviewing some pictures on the camera's LCD screen, it shows "card read error". Then after uploading the pictures onto the computer, they look a little like this...

I am a bit discouraged from any photography at the moment. I am still taking pictures everyday, just not specifically for anything in particular. No agenda, no nothing... My camera does this and I do not know why. To top it off, it takes a 5 second delay to actually take the picture once i hit the shutter release button. That then is even more discouragement. And my trial of lightroom 3 has ended. I no longer have that fantastic program to edit pictures! I feel pre-production just isn't as good as post-production when it comes to sharing, and nothing seems as good as lightroom 3!

So, despite my discouragement, and I going to try my hardest to get back into this actively. I am just really upset that my camera is doing what it is doing to pictures! :( But it is an old camera (10 years?) and it has treated me well.... perhaps it is time to start looking for something new? Until then I will try my best to get stuff on here!

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