Tuesday, June 21, 2011

California: Days 54 - 63

Vacationed Days 54-63. Did not get the opportunity to update while we were gone so here is up through Sunday...

Day 54: Friday
This was my Granfather holding Nikolai. My Dad placed him in his lap and I was surprised because he hasn't seemed interested in holding him before.  Nikolai and I visited before leaving and my camera was in the car, so this was taken with my phone...

Day 55: Saturday
The morning of our arrival. accept this was at 1 am. We stopped at a rest stop for Brandon to take over driving so I could sleep. We figured it had been a while since Nikolai had eaten so we woke him to let him eat. Since he was up, might at well let him get some standing time in before putting him into his carseat again.

Day 56: Sunday
This was our second day there, but our first full day since we arrived in the afternoon on saturday. Gatlin (my cousin's son) and Nikolai spent some time playing together on the floor then went swimming in the pool. It was busy and limited pictures were taken by me.

Day 57: Monday
These were some pretty flowers at a vineyard.

Day 58: Tuesday
This place had pretty good burgers!

Day 59: Wednesday
Saying a momentary goodbye. Gatlin was coming back, but his daddy and some cousins were leaving. In this picture they were looking at one of the dogs.

Day 60: Thursday
The beauty of the redwoods. Giant trees, and these are just the babies!

Day 61: Friday
My little frog prince. The day before we left. We were to go swimming, but instead just chilled...

Day 62: Saturday
Our old mailbox infront of the house in which we lived in California. My Dad built that post! Amazing that it is there over 18 years later!

Day 63: Sunday
Almost home, this is on the side of the road on the way into Phoenix on I-10.

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