Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days 64-68

Day 64

Can you see the baby? we were playing hide and seek behind the curtain... then I had to take a picture of him...

Day 65

Crawled under the table. Wound up getting stuck because when he went up on his knees to get out from under it, his head hit the lip that hangs down... Poor thing, but it was pretty funny!

Day 66

Got his shots this day, and poor thing was falling asleep on his daddy!

Day 67

Hera was letting Nikolai pet her! She even laid down next to him! Nikolai eventually lost interest, but I had to take a picture of her. She is such a good, sweet kitty!

Day 68

I walked into his room because I heard him making noise while I was starting laundry (rooms are right next to each other) and there he was sitting up playing with his music box, wave machine thingy. So I decided to turn it on. It's more interesting when the parts that move are actually moving!

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