Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days 69-73

Day 69

Feeding Nikolai his Rice Cereal and this just was perfect. He is still not sure about it! I caught him with his mouth open!

Day 70

I made spaghetti sauce all by myself. No jarred stuffs no canned food stuffs, just from scratch! And it was really good! I am proud of myself!

Day 71

Nikolai was playing with my shoes. I was taking pictures of him, doing my "10 pictures, 1 subject" thing, and I like the way this one turned out. Too bad it was late and the lighting in the house isn't that great! But, my little boy has pretty good posture! Maybe it is from watching me do yoga? Probably not...

Day 72

I should have seen this for what it was, as sign he was going to pull himself into standing while in his crib. He did that later that day too!

Day 73

Our day 5 of actually sitting at the dinner table to eat dinner. And, actually having a meal worthy of sitting at the dinner table to eat dinner! This was the asparagus parts that we did not give Nikolai, homemade re-fried beans (which I accidentally left the burner on so they were burned to the bottom of the pot) and a drumstick with Kellog's Corn Flakes coated on it. It was actually pretty good. Too bad I don't like eating chicken that has not been de-boned. It's a psychosomatic type thing... Now if only we can keep this dinner thing up...

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