Monday, September 23, 2013

Focal Length - Part 2.2

Begin at your longest focal length on a subject. as you move through to the widest focal length, move closer to the subject to keep it the same.

Compare the backgrounds in each image. The subject should be the same size in each frame but the background will change based on the angle view of the lens in use.

80 mm

50 mm

35 mm

28 mm

I, again, focused on the cactus in this shot and kept it aligned with the right thirds line. It was a lot of fun walking through the desert!

I find it fascinating, like the mountains with the last lens, the house in this one appears closer to the cactus at the longest focal length, and then the distance grows when going down to the widest focal length. You can tell the distance I am from the cactus because of the post that marks our property line... I wish the clouds were a little less prevalent at this time (although it was wonderful outside), I wanted to see the mountains change with the closer I moved to the cactus.

In my head I picture the angle of view with the vertex at the lens. This is what I see when thinking about the mm numbers... I thought I would share this as it feels like a photography epiphany for me. :)

I am liking the cannon lens less and less, I need a tripod (one that is taller than the table one)... :)

now... on to chapter two. :)

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