Friday, September 6, 2013

Focal Length - Part 1.2

Compare the focal lengths from a specific distance to see the coverage the lens gives you.

These are the images from the Cannon 20-80mm lens.

I, again, did not pull out the tripod but perhaps should have. I actually rested the camera on the hood of the truck (which means I had a hard time seeing to focus). I started out focusing on the tree and ended up focusing on the cactus behind it...

ISO 250
1/2000 sec

ISO 250

ISO 250
1/640 sec

ISO 250
1/320 sec
It's amazing the difference between the widest angle and longest focal length with this lens. It made it very difficult to focus on the tree in the 80mm I cannot tell what the aperture was, as it does not read it through the camera. But the exposure value seemed to increase each time I lengthen the focal length because the shutter speed slowed down.  I find this interesting and wonder why it did this. Perhaps I may learn this later, I might even forget.

I think I prefer the widest angle on this lens, it is easier to shoot and easier to focus. The whole image does not seem to shift like it does with my other lens, it seems fairly centered.

This was fun and I am excited to get outside and try the second part to the first chapter.

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