Sunday, September 22, 2013

Focal Length - part 2.1

Now that I have been sitting on the pictures for a week...

Begin at your longest focal length on a subject (I tried to keep it lined up with the far cactus on the left). as you move through to the widest focal length, move closer to the subject to keep it the same.

Compare the backgrounds in each image. The subject should be the same size in each frame but the background will change based on the angle view of the lens in use.

Here are the images with my Samsung 20mm-50mm lens. Files are saved in jpg formatting from raw but are not edited...

50 mm



I think it is interesting how the mountain is more in view and noticeable at 50mm instead of 20mm. yet the angle of the closer cactus makes you feel smaller in the 20mm.

The angle appears to go from a straight head-on with the 50mm to ... I don't know how to explain the angle of the 20mm... It's all through the front cactus and mountains. the perspective changes...

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