Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 16: Water - Days 106 & 107

Water, a wonderful thing to have in the desert. Like the monsoon storm we had last night and into the morning. Too bad I didn't get a picture of the rain. It's amazing how often we use it, how much we need it, and we don't entirely realize it. Like a friend of mine got off work early yesterday because the doctor's office she works at (she is a phlebotomist) did not have water. The office stayed open, but she deals with bodily fluid samples. Um, a doctor's office not having water? Can I say ew?

Day 106

I was washing my hands and thought, "oh! water, I could use this for my project!"... Not exactly ony of my brightest moments, but it was in the early morning and I was tired from lack of sleep...

Day 107

Poor Byron's ears (my son's stuffed bunny). They are perfect for chewing, but that also means that they get nasty really quick! Just like Edgar's nose (my son's stuffed elephant). So last night after my friend Brenda left, I started up a load of lights and threw in the two stuffed animals.

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