Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I wish I could say it is for good reason! But I cannot. I have no good excuses for my not taking pictures. I hate the fact that I started this project and did not continue it. But I can jump back in, I think...

After our trip to Heber, AZ, I lost my camera. Well, not so much lost as misplaced. I felt horrible, my camera was missing! I don't have any other options for taking pictures except for my phone, and that just doesn't take good pictures. I found it a while later, and guess where it was? In the bottom, and I mean very bottom, of the diaper bag. I thought I had removed everything out of that bag, but apparently not.

The hardest part of missing my camera was all the shots I lost out on taking of my son. That made the camera missing very hard.

I think taking pictures is harder because Nikolai is more mobile now. Before, I would set him down on the floor and take some pictures of something and he would still be where I put him on the floor. But now he crawls, moves and gets into EVERYTHING! SO I have the short amount of time during his naps to take a picture, if even that! So I am using his nap time now to write and say how much a horrible person I am to not have taken pictures this last month. 

I am still discouraged with limited capabilities of my camera; and the fact that after all the pictures I have taken, I do not feel I have gotten better, but instead worse. I am running out of things in this house to capture in still, and have it be interesting.

Until the next photo, I will be sadly looking through my viewfinder. And just that, probably just looking...

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  1. Jessi, don't be so hard on yourself. Being a new mom is tough and having an hard and fast goal is tough too. You should cut yourself some slack and be creative and don't judge yourself.

    All the best for your future photos.

    Take it easy!
    P.S. My baby just turned one and it is tough getting time to do any quilting these days. So, I understand your feelings.


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