Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 15: Days 103-105

Day 103

My quilt... At this point in time, it is ready to start being pieced together! I started that on Saturday, but got a before picture...

"Time to Sew"

Day 104

I love the rain. It started when I was feeding Nikolai, which of course, the thunder distracted him. So we decided to go outside and watch the rain. Nikolai was more interested in the cars passing by. It was nice and relaxing for the two of us.

Day 105

"Mommy's Time to Play"

I am so stoked! I saved up some birthday and Christmas money and bought myself a cricut! I was going to get the smaller one (they have 'em at Big Lots), but Brandon said to wait because I wanted the expressions one. So, now I have it! Granted, I only have the two cartridges it comes with, but that is ok, the school year is starting soon! :)

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